EMS Detergent Services: the Midwest's leader in detergent manufacturing and distribution, providing service 24/7
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All the correct supplies for any dish machine, for the cleaning results you deserve:

  • Cost-effective super-concentrated detergents
  • Unbeatable cleaning power
  • Efficient dish washing with sheeting rinse additives
  • Grease cutting pot/pan cleaners
  • Time-saving presoaking solutions
  • Equipment lease and purchase options
  • Service 24/7/365 on any machine!
Serving: nursing homes and care centers, colleges and universities, schools, restaurants and other medium to large institutions.

Quality products help you provide a high standard of cleanliness and comfort to your guests:

  • Customized cleaning solutions designed for your location
  • Liquid, dry and solid options
  • Products to meet every need and expectation
  • Precise dispensing equipment for excellent results and economy
  • Specialty products for specific challenges
  • Superior service 24/7/365
Serving: nursing homes and care centers, colleges and universities, schools, restaurants and other medium to large institutions.

Advanced products for manual and automatic operations, effectively clean and protect vehicles of all kinds:

  • Safe solutions, great cleaning results
  • Superior specialty products
  • Organic cleaners for seasonal needs
  • Metal-safe cleaners, waxes, polishes
  • Custom products specific to your needs, and your customer's needs
Serving: hand wash and automatic vehicle washing and detailing facilities, maintenance shops, auto dealerships, fleet sales and rentals.

You'll wonder how you lived without these specialty cleaners:

  • Remove permanent ink from leather and whiteboards: Excalibur! Premium Degreaser
  • Gently whiten fabric without bleach: OxyBrite!
  • Amazing, highly concentrated glass cleaner: CrystalClear!
  • Grease-prevention hand cleaner: CrystalRose!
  • Economical foaming hand soap: CrystalFoam!
  • Bug Getter Offer: BGO!
  • Phosphate-free laundry detergent: Phosphate Free!
Serving: consumers and businesses.

We know soap: serving Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota

Since 1964, EMS Detergent Services has been manufacturing and distributing dish, laundry and housekeeping cleaning products in the Midwest. We are Iowa’s largest detergent manufacturer, and our clients save money by buying directly from us, the manufacturer.

We are a full service detergent company, operating a full-time service department which responds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.